CM2 Lego Project




Last week our CM2 classes created cities from Lego and this week they have been evaluating the process and discussing the skills they learnt. Overall the project was a great success, with many great examples of team work and fantastic communication. Well Done!

Lego construction project

Watch this space!

Week of January 7th: CM2 construction of a city
Week on January 14th: CM1 construction of a monument
Week of January 21st: CE2 construction of a school
Week of January 28th: CE1 construction of a dream house
Week of February 4th: CP construction of a castle

CM1 Poems







CP PAINTINGS (Mrs Waddington)

After our visit to Marie-Hélène Irvine’s exhibit the children drew a forest drawing.

This week we made a larger painting of these drawings: exactly like the artist!!

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